Football misses playoffs

Football misses playoffs

By Nadia Novi Posted December 12, 2021

This varsity football season has shown how the team can come together as a unit.

The team has worked very hard to get to the point they are at to compete for a playoff spot,” said coach Tyrell Lucas.

Their hard work this season will cash in for years to come. They have had a difficult season but have shown they are capable of working together and improving each game.

“Some highlights from being on the team are being around your friends and getting to walk out on the field with them,” said Lance Brinegar. “I like getting to win with my friends and having people in the stands cheering us on.”

Sophomore running back, Jesse Jeronimo, echoed Brinegar’s comments.

“My highlights would have been earning a starting spot on varsity and rushing for 480 yards,” said Jeronimo. “Also building a relationship with the seniors.