JV volleyball enjoy season in front of crowd once again

JV volleyball enjoy season in front of crowd once again

By Alexis Galarza Posted December 12, 2021

The Lady Bucks JV volleyball team had a very successful season. They opened up the season with a pre-season tournament in Truckee.

Unlike last season, the 2021 season allowed the girls to have three overnighters. This component for the season was the highlight for many.

Mikayla Dossey’s, a middle hitter, favorite part of the season was being in an atmosphere where everyone was cheering her on specifically at home games.

“I really enjoyed being able to travel, stay at hotels, and play a game I love with people I enjoy being around,” said Dossey.

The full two-month season also allowed Dossey to improve in areas like reaction time to the ball, and work on key aspects to perfect her hitting. For players like Angelina Burke, the full-length season also allowed her to practice more and strengthen her skills.

This year the JV volleyball team had loud, exuberant crowds to cheer them on. The crowd made the biggest difference for the girls on the team and brought back the love for playing at home. Just as having the advantage of knowing the court when playing at home, having a crowd is just as big an advantage. The girls on the team look forward to next year and hope to be the future players of Lowry’s varsity volleyball team.