Kuskie wins state; Boys team places 5th

Kuskie wins state; Boys team places 5th

By Alexa Toscano Ramirez Posted December 17, 2021

Senior Jovie Kuskie won this year’s state competition for cross country while Ivan Lara and the boy’s team finished 5th individually and as a team.

The team’s hard work and perseverance have got them far this year.

This was the first season since COVID, so the team was not surprised that many people couldn’t join but that just encouraged the team to work twice as hard. However, there have still been some lows this season.

The smoke at the beginning of the year definitely had a big impact on the team because it made it hard for them to get runs in. In addition, the Bob Firman meet in Idaho was canceled.

Even though there were a few lowlights, that didn’t stop them as a team from doing their best and continuing to work hard. The team won several meets including the small division school at Reed High School. They qualified for regionals this year and even had Jovi Kuskie and Ivan Roa as regional cross country champions.

“As I was crossing the finish line I just kept thinking that I had finally done it,” said Kuskie. “All the years of training, the countless workouts, and all the blood sweat and tears had finally all paid off in that very second. It feels great to know that all my hard work has finally paid off for the end goal. This has been my goal since my freshman year and to have finally done it, there’s no better feeling.”

Members of the Lowry boy's team at the race start./ Ron Espinola • The Brand
Members of the Lowry boy’s team at the race start./ Ron Espinola • The Brand