Lowry Drama and Stagecraft are back in action

Lowry Drama and Stagecraft are back in action

By Kailey Franklin Posted December 17, 2021

The Lowry Drama and Stagecraft are excited to be back in the groove of performing again. Due to COVID-19, students were not able to perform a fall play last year. This fall they performed “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”. Mrs. Kelly Bales is the advisor of the program.

“We are extremely excited to have performances this year,” said Bales. “Drama and Stagecraft did a summer program where we were able to perform, and that was amazing. To be able to perform during the school year is even better. Hopefully, we’ll have more students attend performances.”

The performers were excited to be back on stage. Each one typically has a ritual that they do before each performance. A senior performer, Denzel Lara is playing the role of Ichabod Crane.

“I hype myself up, go over my lines in my head, and act by myself before the play,” said Lara.

There is a lot of work put in behind the scenes of each play. The stagecraft program worked hard to make sure that the show went on and that each set is perfect. There were several props included in the play. Paola Flores is a Stagecraft member.

“My favorite prop to make was the beehive because it was super fun to make and we got to use spray paint,” Flores said.

There were three performances total on November 8, 9, and 10.