Artist of the Issue: Kaylee Radtke

Artist of the Issue: Kaylee Radtke

Mrs. Cassandra Jenkins Selected Kaylee Radtke as Artist of the Issue. Radtke has shown good attention to detail and in her drawing abilities.

Radtke completes her art pieces to the best of her ability. She also shows pride in her artwork and has good craftsmanship. This year, Jenkins hopes to see Radtke excel in art.

“She is a pleasure to have in class, and I am looking forward to instructing her further in visual arts and watching her flourish in her artistic endeavors,” said Jenkins.

Radtke’s favorite medium of art is acrylic paint because it is easy to apply and several art pieces can be done with this medium. A medium she would like to improve on is using charcoal because she would like to become more skilled with this material. She is currently an Art I and Sculpture. Through the course of the year, Radtke hopes to become a better artist and see improvement in her art.

“Art is a very big hobby that I would like to pursue in the future and I think that it plays a significant part in my life,” said Radtke.

Radtke also enjoys making pencil drawings due to the amount of detail that can be added and the adjustments that can be made. Radtke plans to continue taking a visual art class her senior year. Radtke enjoys art pieces by Pablo Picasso and Pierre Auguste Cot.

“I like old victorian paintings, feeding the ducks by Ernest Walbourn and, The family by Gustav Klimt,” said Radtke.