Do’s and Don’ts for the Spring

Do’s and Don’ts for the Spring

By Juliana Blatzheim 

Spring is on its way, meaning it’s time for growth, renewal, and hopefully some warmer weather. Make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts to prepare for the approaching season!

Do: Get outside, the flowers are blooming!

Don’t: Get too excited for Summer, we’ve still got months to come.

Do: Cheer on our track and field team!

Don’t: Forget to take your allergy medicine, the air is filled with pollen.

Do: Get out your bats, it’s baseball and softball season.

Don’t: Leave your umbrella at home, there’s bound to be storms.

Do: Redecorate your room, it’s time for a change!

Don’t: Lay in bed all day! The sun is out so go for a walk!

Do: Start your summer garden! 

Don’t: Forget to check the weather app before you leave the house; spring weather is unpredictable.

Do: Start planning your summer vacation! It’s never too early.

Don’t: Fall behind on your schoolwork. We’re so close to the end!