Fun at Lowry High School a Winterfest Recap

Fun at Lowry High School a Winterfest Recap

By Caitlyn Peters and Eli Long 

This has been an eventful week for Lowry, with students participating greatly in lunchtime activities, after-school events, and especially dress-up days.

Assemblies/dance and games Monday was a crazy day where students wore wacky hairdos and mismatched clothing. One student who went in with the theme was Sasha Contreras with a black and white look. One of Contreras’ things she remembered was how the drama class dressed as their teacher Mrs. Kelly Bales.

“What I liked about Winterfest week was how the majority of the drama class dressed as Mrs. Bales,” said Sasha Contreras

Tuesday was Disney day, and students dressed like their favorite Disney characters, Alora McClure and Lennox Zebroski dressed as Pain and Panic from the 1997 film Hercules. “We were on the phone the night before and we went through a lot of different ideas before deciding on that,” said McClure.

Alora shows a lot of school spirit by dressing up and participating on the Lowry swim team and Lowry’s Academic Challenge team. Trivia happened as well it was all about Disney movies; the leadership class puts it on for the school to earn class points.

On Tuesday night, Lowry’s sophomore class also held a dodgeball tournament after school. Putting students against students and teachers alike. The six teams went head to head for one team to come out on top, the team name was “the Misfits”. The players on the team were Matthew Casalez, Kayd Garner, Erick Valencia, Rigoberto Esquivel, Gabriel Lange, Dempsey Jenkins, Txema Bengochea, Jaden Jimenez, ReiCyan Grau and Anthony Guzman.

Wednesday was Look-a-like and Switch day, teachers were shocked with students dressed in their signature outfits. Cambria Tisue dressed as Mr. Austin Mayo in his signature long-sleeve button-up and slacks.

“I dressed up as Mr. Mayo because I think he dresses funny and he is one of my favorite teachers,” said Cambria Tisue.

On Wednesday after school Drama and Stagecraft held a school-wide talent show. Over 300 people showed up to help Joseph Esquibel and his family fight against Cancer. We raised over $2500.
The winners of the talent show were Kelly Zhelayev who got first for playing the piano and singing, Nadia Novi, Alia Novi, Peyton Brown, Savannah Stoker, Autumn Sanchez, Natalya Guizar, Britain Backus, Bryce Brinkerhoff, Hayden Case, Cambria Tissue, Emma Garijo got second place by lip sync and dancing to a “Pitch Perfect” song.

Third place went to Maygan Robinson and Emily Anderson by dancing. Johnny White got the Audience’s favor by dancing in the dark.

Thursday we celebrated seniors, dressing like the elderly or wearing gray. Adrianna Torres dressed like a grandma gracefully with a walking stick in hand. Other teachers were dressed as Adrianna as well.

“I wanted to participate in the dress-up day because I thought it would be fun,” said Torres. “I put a lot of effort into it because I wanted others to see my costume and want to dress up as well.”

During lunch on Thursday Lowry also held a challenge game allowing students to compete against each other to earn class points for the grade.

The Friday dress-up was Blue and gold. Lowry also held an assembly and we crowned the Royalty, Luke Fentress, and Alia Novi. The Runner ups where Nadia Novi, Hadlee Bengochea, Jack DeLong and Joseph Vankuiken. The school choir sang the national anthem and the Pep Band and performed “Our Director” the school song. Alexa Toscano plays the clarinet.

“Performing at the assembly is a lot of fun because we get to play fun pieces of music throughout it,” said Alexa Toscano. On Saturday the school had many basketball games for Freshman, JV, and varsity boys and girls teams. Afterworlds Lowry held our Winterfest dance.