Andrea Zavala sings her way to the top of the issue

Andrea Zavala sings her way to the top of the issue

By Olivia Espinola

Dave Munk, the choir director, has nominated Andrea Zavala for Performer of the Issue. Zavala has worked hard for her to be on top for the week. She has a wonderful voice and can use it properly in shows.

“She is a wonderful singer, yet very modest about it, and just a very nice person,” said Munk.

Zavala worked long and hard for what she’s got.

“I feel honored to be picked,” said Zavala. “I’ve worked really hard for this.”

Munk has supported her and shows he cares for his students.

“He’s a good teacher, he’s nice and helps us with any trouble that we have,” said Zavala.

The choir class is very close and they help each other out when needed.

“We go through steps and we help each other and go through steps together,” said Zavala.

The choir got to travel to Las Vegas and be able to create memories.

“It’s fun traveling and I get to meet new people and be friends with them,” said Zavala. ”Last year when we went to Vegas, we all got the hang out with each other and sing together it was really fun.”

Andrea Zavala. /Winnada via Cripps Photography
Andrea Zavala. /Winnada via Cripps Photography

Zavala officially started choir in junior high school and enjoys the group aspect of performing together to see the sound they create.

“I did do junior high but we didn’t really do the alto and soprano thing,” said Zavala. “I sing low notes so what does that mean that means um I sing like you know how there’s a melody to every song okay I sing in the background kind of okay I sing the low part of the melody more like the harmony.”

For some people performing in front of a crowd can be difficult.

“When I first started I was really nervous but I was able to overcome that,” said Zavala. “When I get together and I hear everyone saying I calm down.”

There is nothing wrong with messing up but with choir, if they have a big group and mistakes can be covered by others.

“It was probably the first performance I did um I wasn’t able to hit a note and I missed it but like my group was able to cover it up,” said Zavala.

Most singers start by listening and feeling inspired by another artist and it could be from all different genres. Zavala’s favorite artist is Lana Del Rey.

“She has a really nice voice and I really like how she sings and her type of style,” said Zavala.

Her family encouraged her to get into choir and is encouraging her to do things after high school. 

“They encouraged me to get into choir,” said Zavala.” “My brother has encouraged me a lot to do that”

After high school, she’s interested in going into the medical field. 

“I do want to go to college and maybe study like medical school and get into medical school in the medical field,” said Zavala.