Forensic science class learns to perform blood pattern analysis

Forensic science class learns to perform blood pattern analysis

By Hadley Hatch Posted February 5, 2021

In Mrs. Alexis Mattson’s Forensic Science class, she teaches how to analyze crime scenes using forensics. Already this year students have learned about safety in the lab drugs and their effects, and now blood analysis.

This week she has created a fun educational lab that teaches the students how to do simple blood typing. In this lab, no real blood was used in fact she simply just used a milk mixture. The purpose of this educational lab was to test blood from three suspects, a victim, a weapon, and a crime scene.

Next week in the blood analysis unit the class will learn about blood spatter. They will be measuring blood spatter and determining what happened and how fast and far the blood traveled.

This class helps students get one of their required science credits and helps students learn something about a degree that they might want to take in the future. It is fun, educational, and full of exciting challenges that students get to experience.

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