Frazier stands out in Art

Frazier stands out in Art

By Laithee X. Murillo Posted October 26, 2022

Ms. Cassandra Jenkins had trouble choosing the Student of the Week but noticed that freshman Maren Frazier stood out.

“Maren Frazier, who also likes to go by Wade, is very charismatic, and seems to have a very true passion for art,” said Jenkins. ”I see him being a lot of fun in class this year, and he is always wanting to learn and grow his artistic abilities from what I can tell right now.”

Frazier was a bit confused at first.

“Being Student of the Week is nothing new,” said Frazier. ”Jenkins is awesome and is probably my favorite and the best teacher I’ve ever met.”

Ms. Jenkins is Frazier’s favorite teacher because of her helping hand.

“She inspires me to do better with artwork,” said Frazier.

Frazier has been doing art for quite some time, and during that time he has developed a favorite medium.

“I’ve been doing art for about five years now,” said Fraizer. “Sketching is what I like to do, it’s my main thing.”

As a freshman, Frazier has been able to experience different things.

“It’s going great [his high school experience], I really enjoy it because there are a lot of things that happen around here,” said Fraizer.