Freshmen football team falls to Fernley by 28

By Brody Goucher Posted October 22, 2012

The Bucks had a hard time fending off Fernley and ended up with a loss.

Coach Greg Scott said, “The only way to rebound from a loss like this is to get back to work,” which is exactly what the team needs to do after a devastating loss to Fernley.

The Bucks got off to a bad start, having two drives stopped inside the opposing 10-yard line.

“We played better in the second half and we executed, we just can’t afford mistakes against a good team,” said Coach Scott, After halftime, the team came out with a little more energy and tried to get something going, but unfortunately it was too late to make a comeback.

The team’s next game is against Fallon, who will be coming to Winnemucca.

Coach Scott said, “We will be ready for Fallon.”