Should phones be allowed during school hours?

By Melanie Rynearson Posted October 29, 2013

Should students be allowed to use cell phones during class? Sure you could say that this is a cliché topic, but it’s something worth being talked about.

If we were allowed to use our phones during class we would be a lot more focused on what the teacher is saying because we aren’t trying to text without getting caught. Sure, there is the issue of cyberbullying and cheating, but not allowing cell phones isn’t going to help. Using cell phones during class could be a distraction, but if you made rules like not using them until your work is done or only using them when the teacher isn’t talking you might be able to eliminate some of the distraction issues.

This issue of not being able to use phones during class has been a big debate across the country and most students that I have talked to agree, cell phones should be allowed. Allowing cell phones would allow the students to be able to put homework assignments in their calendars and get them turned in on time.

Students everywhere agree cell phones should be allowed in school. Are you one of those students?