Freshmen girls first year experiencing Lowry basketball

Freshmen girls first year experiencing Lowry basketball

By Otila Castaneda  Posted March 4, 2022

The freshmen girl’s basketball team started off the season great and later met some issues but they were able to come back. For the first time in a few years, the team was able to have the normal 12 players and a manager.  

Unfortunately early in the season, several of the girls were dismissed from the team. Once they adjusted to their new roles they have done great. The girls’ attitudes, willingness to learn, and their support for one another to be a successful team which has led to wins. 

“The season was a little shaky but so far it’s been really exciting and an eye-opener,” said Allison Green. “I like my team, and we’ve grown closer.”

Many good things came out of the season and the players have been grateful for a great season. The players’ attitudes have contributed to the team’s success. 

“Watching us grow as a team and becoming more of a family than just a team, and the practices, games and the trips and how much we have fun,” said Natalee Formby. 

Coach Larry Renteria is proud of all the hard work the girls have put into practice and it shows on the court. He is pleased with the team and looks forward to finishing off strong. 

“Together, as a team, there is not much that can keep these young ladies down,” said coach Renteria. “They are a great group of young women, and the future looks bright for Lowry basketball.”