JV boys basketball come back as stars 

JV boys basketball come back as stars 

By Irydiana Ramirez Posted March 4, 2022

The JV Boys have had a blast during their season as they’ve made team bonds with one another and enjoyed the memories they’ve made. They made this season pretty successful and one to remember. 

“I had so much fun playing with them, it made me love basketball even more,” said Matthew Casalez. 

Kasyn Garner, a sophomore, enjoyed the tight bond he had with his teammates. 

“The team bond we had, we were like a family and we all enjoyed our time together,” said Garner. 

Coach Calvin Connors is very grateful for the team. This season has been the most fun yet and were all great kids to be with and work with. 

“…the kids were able to stay the night at The Nugget, we were also able to go out and eat together and get to know each other and become a team, “ said Connors. 

As every team has its ups and downs Connors agrees there have been some hardships, but he has had the ability to guide them and get through it.

Chandler Leiter goes up for a shot / Danielle Scott • The Brand
Chandler Leiter goes up for a shot / Danielle Scott • The Brand

“There are always things that go bad, but because they are good kids and coachable, we’re able to fix those things,” said Connors.

He states that his team has never had anything extreme happen, this shows his players are responsible and will make great future varsity players. 

“I wouldn’t say anything super negative, just little things we can fix basketball-related,” said Connors. “There were never any incidents outside that I had to deal with and that’s always great as a coach.”