Freshman boy’s basketball end their season 

Freshman boy’s basketball end their season 

By Maddi McClure  Posted March 4, 2022

The freshman boys had a great and tough season but they pushed themself to be the best they could be and their work paid off. 

ReiCyan Grau was a guard on the freshman team. Now that the season is over he will miss the team and the memories that they made. 

“It was a good season except when we had to go up against Elko,” said Grau. 

Another guard on the freshman team was Jullienne Mora who also plays a wing. He has been playing basketball since he was eight years old and has loved it ever since. 

“I will definitely miss the bus rides,” said Mora. “It was just a perfect time to get to know the team better”

This year the freshman team had a new coach, Lowry graduate, Danny Westfall. Westfall enjoyed his first experience leading a team. 

I thought the season went really well,” said Westfall. “I think everyone learned a lot and came a long way. We lost some games we shouldn’t have and we won some games we shouldn’t have. I’ve always loved the game of basketball so being able to have my first head coach job at my old high school was really cool to me.”