By Carly Bell Posted April 17, 2013

Being friend-zoned is a tough time. Yes, I would know. I have been friend zoned so much, by so many people, seriously it’s a problem. I am one of the prime examples of a girl getting friend-zoned. For example, Justin Albright gets friend-zoned, and he is the king of the curb: he friend-zoned me. That just shows you how bad and how often I get kicked to the curb.

Like I said in one of my previous articles, ”Being friends after a relationship is like keeping the dog after its dead, it just won’t work.” and usually it doesn’t, because you either don’t like them, or you will have lingering feelings for them. The exception to being friends after a breakup is if the relationship was just like you were friends the whole time. Or time has passed and you gradually become friends again.

Being friend-zoned in my mind is getting pushed to the curb before any feelings could possibly exist or having the courage to say something. When two friends start out really good, and one person slowly has feelings for another, the other partner needs to shut those feelings down before they come up. That is friend-zoning.

Although I do get friend zoned…. frequently…. I also friend zone. I have probably friend-zoned just as much as I have received… that’s a lot… I honestly don’t think friend-zoning is bad at all, I think a bunch of friendships, and good ones at that, stay so close because of the friend zone. Everybody needs that girl and guy friendship, with tension at times and other times of being totally relaxed and burping like no other. Yes, yes, how repulsing, Get over it guys, girls do burp. Back to my story…

I also think friend-zoning is done for the better. Because you don’t just want to go from talking every day to not at all, and you think friendship will be the happy medium. It’s not, give it time. But all in all, I think this crazy cycle of friend zoning should keep happening because honestly it’s a part of high school, and it’s a part of growing up.