Frosh volleyball; Learning the Lowry way

Frosh volleyball; Learning the Lowry way

By Chris Gildone Posted March 19, 2021

The freshman girls were able to have a season this year despite the current situation we are in. They have had a good start with their first game.

The girls’ first home game of the 2021 season was on Friday the fifth against Spring Creek Spartans they won 2-1. The scores were 25-16 Spartans, 23-25 Buckaroos, and the final set 13-15 giving the Lady Bucks the win. Friday, March 9 the Lady Bucks lost against Dayton.

To keep everyone safe from the fast-spreading virus the team is taking extra precautions to guarantee that the players and coaches are COVID free.
Ms. Cassandra Jenkins, an art teacher at Lowry is the head coach of the freshman girl’s team.

“To ensure the safety of both coaches and players, we are following the NIAA protocol as best as we can,” said Jenkins.

Angeleena Burke jumping to spike the ball./ Ron Espinola • The Brand
Angeleena Burke jumping to spike the ball./ Ron Espinola • The Brand

Social distancing is required whenever possible, masks are worn, and hands and volleyballs are sanitized. This will be an unusual season and is also much shorter than a regular one, but it still has its benefits.

“The little bit of time we are getting with them on the court is beneficial for growth for our next full season,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins felt that their season has been going very well and they have been playing hard. On Thursday, March 11 Lowry won another home match against Elko in the third set.

“Overall I was impressed with all of the girl’s performances in the games,” said Jenkins.

Hayden Case is a freshman at Lowry and has played very well this season at setter and opposite.

“I would say that Hayden Case did a great job setting from the back row and hitting and blocking when she was playing on the front right side position,” said Jenkins. “As well, she did a great job serving with consistency, which is always a vital part of winning games.”

Bailey Peterson serving the ball./ Ron Espinola •The Brand
Bailey Peterson serving the ball./ Ron Espinola •The Brand

Case thinks that she and the rest of the team have been able to learn a lot this season, but they still need to keep working hard and getting better.

“I think that I’m learning how to move across the court better and how to read the ball,” said Case.

On March 19 the Lady Bucks played against Churchill County, results were unavailable. You can see them back in action on March 20 in Spring Creek.

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