Gender discrimination in our society

Gender discrimination in our society

By Araceli Galarza Posted April 26, 2019

As a society, we have come a long way from the basic gender stereotyping; where women stay at home and men work. However, gender stereotyping is still around today the only difference is it’s more low-key and subtle than it was years ago.

We haven’t got away from this problem completely, especially in schools. Boys and girls may be sitting in the same classroom, reading the same textbooks; but regardless, the education boys and girls receive is different. Many studies show that when girls enter school at first, they are on equal levels as boys or further advanced, as far as intelligence goes. However, when they graduate, girls seem to fall behind. While more females graduate, the level of their education usually has suffered.

We have steered away from the most obvious forms of gender discrimination. However, as a girl, nothing is safe or sacred anymore. While we are no longer looked at as housewives, it’s still expected that we want to have kids. What about the girls who don’t?

Another hard-to-handle topic is sexual harassment. This is where the ugliest in people come out. It is bad enough that something this horrible occurs, but it is a hundred times worse when you say something horrible to the victim; such as, “Maybe you shouldn’t be wearing something so proactive.” Victim blaming is real and shouldn’t be allowed. What are we teaching our young boys and girls if we can’t teach them respect? Women shouldn’t have to worry about provoking someone’s abuse.

Gender discrimination is a nasty little thing that affects everyone. Girls love a sensitive man, but complaints from men are still just whining. In the eyes of society, men are supposed to be tough. God forbid crying. In this age, men shouldn’t show any emotion because that makes them weak, but we are all human. We all experience human emotion, so why is it so bad for boys to show it?

Sadly, gender discrimination is something that will always prevail; regardless of how well we think we are doing as a society. The only way that this can change is if we change our way of thinking, look deep inside, and rid ourselves of the negative, biased influence. We can no longer be restrained by the claws society has buried so deep within our skin.