The moral correctness of protecting borders

The moral correctness of protecting borders

By Ale Ibarra Posted April 26, 2019

In our country, there has been an endless debate about the entry legality of all classes of people. In specificity, the southern border. Although a wall would not solve all problems, it would definitely help maximize patrol of hundreds of miles for anyone or anything to make its way into the United States; excluding the natural barriers.

In case the “discriminatory card” is played, when I say “anyone”, I am not referring to the fact that some are Latinos/Hispanics. I myself am one. My point is, is it really all that bad for our President to want to secure his country and the people in it? I don’t think it is.

Tim Ballard, the CEO of the anti-trafficking Operation Underground Railroad, can attest to the many years of being involved with the everlasting issue of the 70 percent wall-less border that makes sex trafficking easy.

“‘After two years of grooming her for commercial sex, she was taken by her captors across the southern border at a location where no wall existed.’ Liliana stated, ‘Had there been a wall for me,’ she declared, ‘my captors would have been forced to take me to a port of entry. A U.S. officer might have seen my distress. I might have yelled out to them. I am currently working with Homeland Security agents on my case. I love them. I think they would have rescued me at the port of entry.’” (

It is no surprise that the traffickers entered the US at an open land entry. Why would they risk getting caught at a place with heavy surveillance when they can just as easily cross the border where there is simply a “vehicle barrier” or nothing at all? Aside from the horrible trafficking, what about all of the people in the Central American countries’ caravan that demand asylum and assistance from the United States?

For those who do not know, there is a process for receiving asylum at the border. It’s called “applying”. It is not a right to hand out asylum to whoever shows up and demands it. It takes about six months to several years, and patience is key. While the Democrats believe that all people deserve a chance, a house, food, and money, what they do not say is that the rest of the American taxpayers will suffer and pay for that. They accuse Donald Trump of not wanting to “embrace” the incoming immigrants. ( That is difficult when the incoming caravan is foolishly throwing rocks at border patrol agents, demanding entry. (

Those people coming in illegally will need healthcare, housing, and education. Who will pay for that? The rest of the taxpayers might not even get those benefits. Those taxpayers include the woman struggling to pay rent because she is an elementary school teacher in Oklahoma who may not even receive benefits. (

The diversity in this country is what makes it the Land of the Free, but a diligent and legal process to be a part of it is obligatory.