Governor Jim Gibbons: Obama administration must enforce immigration laws

By Miranda Buttram Posted April 29, 2010

In a press release by Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, he demands that President Obama and his administration take a more forthright approach in enforcing immigration law.

“Clearly the immigration system in this country is broken and is costing taxpayers billions of dollars,” Governor Gibbons said. In addition, he blames “federal inaction” on causing the state of Arizona to pass the Arizona immigration law, which authorizes police officers to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of citizenship (

“These people should start acting like leaders and start enforcing federal laws, instead they blame others for their own ineffectiveness,” Gibbons said in reference to the President, his administration, and Congressional leader Senator Harry Reid, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Governor Gibbons suggests that the Obama administration must “wake up” and fix the illegal immigration problem. He suggests more advanced technology such as facial recognition, and biometric ID cards on the borders.

Nevada Governor Gibbons demand change from the federal government on the United States illegal immigration “problem”. While FAIR estimates an illegal alien population in 2005 of 353,000 which ranks Nevada 10th in the U.S. They also estimate that in 2004 Nevada taxpayers spent $321.1 million per year on illegal aliens and their children in public schools (

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