Graduating class of 2012

Graduating class of 2012

By Brandon Eastman Posted May 30, 2012

With the 2011-2012 school year coming to a close, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. For our entire lives, we have dreamed of this moment… and it is finally here. We will finally be graduating. We will no longer have to sit in the stands and watch our friends walk across the stage receiving their diplomas; it is finally our turn.

After the busiest year of our high school careers, we can finally be relieved and somewhat stress-free.

However, we’re not completely in the clear yet. We still have the rest of our lives to worry about, but for now we have no more college applications to fill out; we have no more scholarships to apply for; we have no more graduation announcements to address and send out, and most importantly… we are done with the sleepless nights doing homework that we will probably never use in our entire lives. We are done with staying up until the middle of the night studying for tests and, of course, we are all happy that Shakespeare will no longer be a part of our everyday lives. Well, at least until next year.

This year has been full of unforgettable memories for us seniors, from the beginning of the year at our Senior Sunrise until now, when we will finally be rewarded for four years of hard work and great accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom.

I will go through a list of a few accomplishments that our entire senior class can look back on and smile at: winning he-man and powderpuff during homecoming, winning multiple state championships throughout the year, all the senior class meetings with free pizza, and of course the infamous Senior Prank.

For the very successful senior year we have all had, we must thank our senior class advisors: Marcel Johnson and Christy Bell, and our senior class officers: Candace Comeau and Macie Mavity. They have spent countless hours preparing us for this moment. They have been busy since the very first day of school planning events for us to participate in, and of course, they get to school at 7:15 every morning to run the Senior Store. A few other things that our class officers have done for us include: asking the county commissioners for money to help pay for graduation, writing “a million thank you cards”, and holding a class meeting each month to keep all the seniors up to date on what’s going on around the school.

Comeau said, “Being class president has taken up so much time, but it was well worth it.” She also said that, “overall the participation by seniors has been good. We had a lot of people for Winterfest hallway decorating and we have the most people that come to our meetings out of all four classes.”

The graduation ceremony will be taking place on May 31 at 7 p.m. at the Winnemucca Events Center. The graduating class of 2012 will include approximately 180 seniors. During the ceremony, a few speeches will be given by our classmates: Candace Comeau, Jillian Pfarr, and Brandon Eastman There will be no music performance this year by the band or choir.

We have been preparing for this day our entire lives, and it is finally here. It is finally our time to be recognized for our accomplishments. It is finally our time to walk across that stage. It is finally our time to say goodbye to Lowry High School and all the good memories. It is finally our time to go out into the real world on whatever path we have chosen. It is finally our time.

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