Greg Harding: A Helping Hand

Greg Harding: A Helping Hand

By Kaity Sample, Posted April 16, 2014

Walking down the halls of Lowry, you might recognize the faces of people who are always talked about. What about the kids you don’t recognize? We are going to get to know one of the students you probably don’t know a whole lot about.

Greg Harding. This is a name you’ve probably heard, but let’s get to know the amazing person behind it.

Harding is a junior at Lowry and partakes in leadership. He drives a yellow slug bug so wave to him when you get the chance. Greg volunteered at the Old Folks home for ten years but has retired from his position and moved a step up in life. He now volunteers his time at the EMT station.

“I love helping our community. It warms the heart. We have a small community and it’s important that we all chip in,” said Harding.

Harding volunteers for anything and everything he possibly can. He helps with the cancer walks and anything the EMTs do for the community, Greg is there. Harding received the “Real Heroes” award from the Red Cross Association. The “Real Heroes” award is given to someone in the community every year who volunteers their time to an important cause.

This kid is very creative and has new ideas to bring to Lowry. He is very helpful to those in need. So if you see Greg in the halls, make sure to say hi.