Hectic testing week brings stress to many

Hectic testing week brings stress to many

By Destiny James Posted November 12, 2011

Due to proficiency testing this week, the schedule is hectic for some, while relaxing for others. Some get to sleep in while others have to test for two hours, and then others get up and go as they usually do about their weekdays.

Freshmen and sophomores don’t have testing, but they have hectic schedules which are hard for some to follow. Some get behind on work, “because it is very hard to remember which assignment is due,” said Alec Mayo.

Juniors who didn’t pass the proficiency testing last year, still have to get up early and test for two hours. After they are done, they are allowed to leave campus, or go to the career center until classes resume at noon. That helps some quite a bit and they are able to catch back up on their homework. However, the problem is teachers think it is ok to give multiple assignments, while it puts some kids under more pressure and they are up all hours of the night, and it reflects on their testing ability in the morning.

Seniors go to school for only a quarter of the day, but the ones who didn’t pass have quite a bit of stress. “We all know we need to pass the proficiency tests to get a diploma,” Mr. Brant Corak said.

Therefore due to the messed up schedule, it is really hard for some kids to follow on the daily basis of having homework on top of homework and having the stress of the proficiency tests.

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