High school relationships, what’s the point?

High school relationships, what’s the point?

By Jessie Schirrick Posted April 18, 2012

It’s a well-known fact that approximately 99.9% of high school relationships fail before both parties involved graduate, and even then, very rarely do these develop into lifelong partnerships. With that being said, a question you may want to ask yourself is, “What’s the point?”

There isn’t a point. Being in high school puts an emotional toll on everybody, and it may put them under the illusion that being in an established relationship with someone they “love” will take care of this emotional toll. False. If anything, relationships just cause problems. High school students have not fully matured enough to make decisions that are considerate of somebody who has grown attached to them.

An example of this poor decision making is infidelity or “cheating,” which appears to be quite common amongst teens; there are very few youths who have not yet been effected by cheating either personally, or as a result of their peers. Exclusivity is a rather difficult way to maintain a youthful relationship and is better handled in adult situations. It can’t be proven that every partner you have in high school will be unfaithful, but it’s something to consider.

High school without established romantic relationships could be great. Everybody would be free to do whatever they wish without having to worry about how somebody else might feel. The pain and heartache felt after“breaking up” with someone would be diminished because you would never have to break up if you were never official. Without all that stress you could focus on building longer-lasting friendships and you would never have to meet anybody’s expectations but your own. Refraining from relationships could make your four years a completely better experience.

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