Homecoming 2012

Homecoming 2012

By Irene Diaz Posted September 17, 2012

Note: This story provided by Leadership

It’s back. The time of the year when the freshmen show off never before seen skills, and the veteran seniors show everyone how school spirit is done. Yes, I’m talking about homecoming.  Homecoming will begin on September 24-29. This year the dress-up days will be color war day, 80’s day, lazy day, crazy day and the famous blue and gold day.

This year Lowry’s leadership class has decided to do something a little differently. This year, homecoming will have a theme, which is music.  Every dress-up day will also have a song behind it. Color war day will have the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, 8o’s day will have “1985”, Lazy day will have “The Lazy Song”, crazy day will have “Party Rock Anthem”, and blue and gold day will have “Blue and Yellow”.

The inspiring motto will enlighten students with school spirit. The leadership chosen motto is “The Buckaroos Will Rise in Fame as Elko Falls in Shame”.  This motto can be used for the always fun to look at window painting across town and even the new competition of banner making.

The before, after, and during school events are sure to make this special week a blast for the students.  On Monday Lowry will start the day with the peppy pep assembly made possible by the student body officers. At lunch, leadership will put on the weekly lunchtime activity. At 6:30 p.m. the leadership-sponsored Powder Puff game will commence. On Tuesday there will be greased pig wrestling sponsored by FFA. There will also be a volleyball and soccer game. Wednesday seniors will go to the football field for senior sunrise at 5:45 am. There will also be the leadership-sponsored He-Man volleyball game at 6:30 p.m. Thursday the freshman will play against Elko while cross country and girl’s golf are away. Friday the student body officers will begin the day with another pep assembly. During halftime of the varsity football game, the homecoming king and queen will be announced. Finally what all students wait for is Saturday. On Saturday the homecoming dance will start at 8:30 and end at 11:30. There are also JV and varsity volleyball games at home on Saturday.

This year leadership and all other clubs will make homecoming 2012 exceed above and beyond all expectations. Freshmen will have the best beginning and seniors will have an unforgettable ending.