September Students of the Month

September Students of the Month

By Savannah Montero Posted September 18, 2012

Note: This article provided by Leadership.

This month we have three amazing students who show their good qualities in class and earned the position of the September Student of the Month.

Nominated by Mrs. James, Carina Ruiz is the September Student of the Month for the junior class.  Carina is a very talented and patient stagecraft student.  She never misses a work day and she always tries her very best.  Mrs. James appreciates her calm approach to a stressful situation such as the week before the play.  Carina also took on a drama role when someone else decided not to.  Mrs. James says that she is truly a valuable student to have in Stagecraft.

Donovan Brumm was nominated by Mrs. Knight for the sophomore student of the month.  Donovan is an amazing student!  He has an incredible grasp of both algebra and geometry; rarely does a problem stump him.  He completes all of his assignments with impeccable neatness and accuracy.  With all of Donovan’s talent in math, he is not conceited and is very willing to help his fellow students.  He is always respectful and pleasant.  Mrs. Knight says that it is such a delight to have such a fine young person in class!

Jack Hill, nominated by Mrs. James, is the September Student of the Month for the seniors.  Jack is an amazing addition to Drama Class, even though this is his third year in the class.  Jack is the first to jump up and help anyone at any time.  He is Mrs. James’ right hand while rehearsing as he helps with stage directions and feeding lines to cast members that don’t know them yet.  Jack has great attendance and tries his very best at all times.

Nominated by Mrs. Killion, Leonard Madrid is the September Student of the Month for the freshman.  Mrs. Killion says that he is a very polite young man and always willing to help out!  He sets a very positive example in word, deed and appearance.  Leonard also sets an extremely positive example for academic achievement in classroom studies.  He has an optimistic attitude and serves as a great role model to his school and community.  Leonard Madrid definitely has the skills to be an outstanding leader!