Honor Band performs in Elko

Honor Band performs in Elko

By Megan Cook Posted May 17, 2022

Honor Band recently traveled to Elko to play in a band of the best musicians in the 3A division. Students are required to try out for honor band and if accepted they play in a band full of 3A students from all across Northern Nevada. A guest director runs the ensemble and every student adapts to their best ability to fit within the ensemble. This experience was extremely exciting for many Lowry attendees.

“The best part of attending small state was meeting many wonderful players of the same level as me and getting more exposure than I’m used to,” said Julian Aguirre.

Small State gave all Lowry students great exposure to something they are very passionate about. There was a lot of preparation to get done and it wasn’t always perfect. Martin Dockter explains it was hard to get the whole group together and practice before the performance.

“The performance was our first day with all of us practicing together,” said Dockter.

Despite challenges, Lowry’s honor band came together and did the best they could achieve within the ensemble. It was an experience all attendees will take with them throughout their further music careers.