January Students of the Month at LHS

January Students of the Month at LHS

By Rebekah Dorris Posted January 16, 2013

Note: This article provided by the Leadership Class

January has always been known as a new start. A new year, a new resolution, and a new goal. For four students at Lowry, their 2013 started off with appreciation as they were rewarded Students of the Month. Every month, teachers nominate their most respected and admired students and the Leadership class displays the students throughout the school.

Freshman, Samantha Hernandez was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Donalson. Donalson says, “Samantha makes every effort to complete her assignments in a timely manner and frequently volunteers to help her classmates after her own work is completed”.

Nominated by Mrs. Scott, Sophomore Rachael Foster achieved student of the month for her class. “Rachael is an outstanding student, completing above-average work while participating in sports and other extracurricular activities,” Scott replied when asked why she chose Rachael.

“Ere [Higbee] works well with classmates and is great about asking for help when she or her classmates are confused about a concept,” Mrs. Ruff pointed out after dominating the junior.

After four years of waiting, David Galeana was finally awarded Senior Student of the Month of January. “David is a cheerful and extremely diligent young man, as well as being multi-talented. He is entirely self-supporting, yet he turns in excellent work,” Mrs. Meissner replied when asked about David’s nomination.

Students at Lowry are encouraged to work hard and respect all staff and students. If they can achieve their goals and resolutions, they are often nominated for Student of the Month. These four exemplary students are simply examples of well-rounded young adults.