January Students of the Month

By Kole Kracaw & Milo Kennedy Posted January 29, 2007

It will be an exciting month indeed for Lowry High and what’s even more exciting are the students who have taken the initiative and gone the extra mile to achieve the title of Student of the Month.

Starting off the amazing group of four students is the freshmen student of the month Kolton Neilson, described as unselfishly helping his peers and an active member of the community, Kolton is definitely deserving of his new title.

For the sophomores Angela Voss has been selected, she has easily earned the position by attending school and warming up Lowry with a warm smile and positive attitude.

Sage McClintick, the junior student of the month, was selected for her commitment to her studies and good attitude in the classroom. Rounding off the bunch is Rayna Chadwick for the seniors. She is ever prepared and always displaying a sunny disposition.

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