Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schrrick Posted December 12, 2012

I like the feeling of catching something. It brings me great joy and satisfaction. Like catching a ball or a cumbersome object.
You would be more attractive if you would calm down.

I have no perception of time; I can never tell if something is going by really fast or really slow. Maybe all of my time is equal.
Law is such an open-ended and mysterious word. Where did it even come from?

Somewhere crazy…

I don’t know why people don’t try to make something that will make everybody happy all the time. Like some kind of drug. Because nothing in the world could go wrong if everybody was always happy. Because if something bad happened it wouldn’t matter at all because you would already be so happy and then nothing would make you upset.

Life is made up of negatives and positives seriously everything that the universe is made up of involves either a plus sign or a minus sign. That is all that life really means, I believe.

Men that wear dress pants only do so because it’s respectable and they are uncomfortable with their bodies.
Freshman year was the peak of my entire life.

Bones are people too.

How is it that some of the smallest things can hurt the most? Cutting my thumb off would probably hurt a lot more than cutting my whole arm off.

How did languages even happen? Why did everybody think of everything so differently than anybody else in the whole world like 300 times?
These would make sense if I could be more explicit.

There is a large, diverse variety of eyelids. More than I ever realized until recently.

I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about the trees, I got at least three spare ones in my backyard.
Strawberry Milk. The Best Milk.

I just want shiny hair.

I’ve always thought that one and two were brother and sister and that three were two’s best friends and three and four are step sisters. Their dad is five and five and six are best friends but six is seven’s, little brother. Eight and nine are six and seven’s parents, and then ten is the grandpa.