Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schirrick Posted December 18, 2013

All cheeseburgers are hamburgers, but not all hamburgers are cheeseburgers.

My body is a happy body and all my different body parts and I are really good friends, except for my joints like my knees and elbows because they can’t ever just cut back and hang loose. When I get tired my brain and my heart turn blue and sad and start crying and puking all over the place.
I’m almost like a boy trapped in a girl’s body because I don’t really like wearing yoga pants and drinking Starbucks that much or wearing fancy jeans with diamonds that poke my bottom when I sit down. I’ve never really enjoyed pretending to be friends with people I don’t actually like either. There’s a level-headed boy trapped in my psyche being smothered by obnoxious trends and stereotypes.

If you don’t like someone, analyze how much you have in common with them. You may find that they are very similar in character to yourself. If you don’t like someone who is like yourself are you a hypocrite? Or is your heart full of self-loathing? Or perhaps you find malice for those who are completely unlike you; you probably don’t know them or how they’ve come to be the way they are. If you don’t like people who are nothing like you then you need to ask yourself, “How can you understand them enough to make such harsh judgment?” You need to learn to recognize the reasons why you don’t accept people. It is crucial to understand the demons within yourself. How you view the world is the window to how you view yourself.

Hey Jessie, you would probably be a lot taller if you would stand up straight. I don’t know Jessie, seems like a lot of work.

Do you ever play mind tricks on yourself? It’s a fun activity to pretend there are lasers coming out of your feet and they’re shooting everything you walk towards.

What if “The Hunger Games” series is really a glimpse into the future of America and Suzanna Collins is in cahoots with the government and they are working together to show Americans their inevitable fate? It seems too crazy to believe but that is what they want you to think.