Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schirrick Posted October 3, 2012

I think legs and arms are round on the sides so that each inch of skin sees the sun at least once in its lifetime.
Dalmatians are scary to look at from far away because they look like they have bugs all over them. I could seriously never own a dog like that.

Do you ever wonder if a famous celebrity is doing the exact same thing you’re doing? I wonder if Zac Efron is writing an article for his school newspaper, quite possibly.

I feel really bad for circles and spheres because they don’t have any edges or corners, how are they supposed to defend themselves against squares? You may say the same about hearts, but they have at least one pointed edge. Circles got somewhat screwed.

Sometimes I can feel myself learning a life lesson, I can be aware of when I’m getting smarter.
I can imagine my face on anybody if I’m looking at the back of their head.

I like scents that bring back memories like I just started using a kind of deodorant that I haven’t used for about 4 months, and I experienced many flashbacks from my past life.

Carly Rae Jepsen and Byron Jeppsen must be related because not only do they share a variation of the same last name, they’re appearances are strikingly similar.

When my ear hurts I get the strangest feeling that extra-terrestrial beings are trying to communicate messages with me via radio waves.
Metallic colors always remind me of coffee.

I’ve been considering the purchase of a war bonnet, except for most of the ones I’ve found online require self-assembly, and to me, that just doesn’t make it authentic. Also, most are around $400.

You can see the leg veins on white people.

Bless the mess.

That would really suck to be a Siamese twin, how would you ever get anybody to love you.
I roll up with my silliness.

Whenever I go swimming in a lake I’m always slightly paranoid that a small fish will try to swim up my nostril and into my brain to lay eggs.
I owe most of my success to the alphabet and the fear of never being able to read.