Junior class raises money for those with type 1 diabetes

Junior class raises money for those with type 1 diabetes

By Samm Sharp Posted October 12, 2019

Yearly, the first school dance at Lowry is donated to a cause. This year’s Back-to-School dance was donated to the Nevada Diabetes Association on behalf of the junior class. 

Mrs. Alexis Mattson, junior class officer, has a son that is one of ten students at the Humboldt County School District affected by the fairly common autoimmune disease.

“My son has diabetes, so they (the junior class officers) made that decision,” said Mattson. “We also have a couple of students at the high school that are affected as well.”

Type 1 diabetes is estimated to affect about one in every 500 people under the age of nineteen. This disease shuts down the pancreas and prevents the body from allowing glucose to enter the cells, which is necessary for the production of energy. Type 1 is manageable with insulin injections, but there is no prevention or cure. 

Seven of the ten students with type 1 diabetes are pictured with Mattson and the junior class officers. A $1350 check is being donated, on behalf of the students, to Nevada Diabetes Association. 

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