Kennedy and Henriod leave Lowry

Kennedy and Henriod leave Lowry

By Camille Lyon Posted June 3, 2009

At the end of this school year, some teachers will be leaving. Vince Mendiola, Janet Kennedy, and Sondra Henriod will be leaving Lowry.

They have all influenced Lowry and its students and as they leave many will be sad to see them go. Mrs. Kennedy has spent the last 23 years serving Lowry in many different capacities.

Mrs. Kennedy graduated in 1979 and began teaching in 1983. She began her teaching career at the junior high where she taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade English. After three years at the Jr. High, she moved to Lowry.

She has taught Advanced Placement Composition, Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry, Journalism, Honors English, Government, Drama, and Stagecraft. She has served as the English Department Chair for 18 years, as well as the senior class advisor for 22 years.

She also serves as a member of the Leadership Cadre Team and was the visionary behind the children’s play which has brought great enjoyment to over 6,000 elementary students. She also created the Senior Store.

Mrs. Kennedy has made Humboldt County School District her home for the past 26 years. She will be truly missed but never forgotten at Lowry. Kennedy will be moving to French Ford Middle School to become the new Dean of Students.

Sondra Henriod will also be leaving. She has served Lowry for 24 years and has influenced students greatly. She will be truly missed as we lose an important part of our counseling office. She has helped numerous students with their futures by aiding them in their college duties.

“She has amazing patience,” said Joyce Mendiola, “and she was a friend to many kids.”

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