Leadership class gets Santa’s letters ready

Leadership class gets Santa’s letters ready

By Alexis Galarza Posted: December 18, 2020

The Leadership class of Lowry has been working hard on preparing Santa Letters for the children of the elementary schools, and rural schools.

First, the leadership students had to prepare a different letter for each class. 

“It was a ton of fun being able to create such cute and special crafts and letters for everyone,” said Kayleen Creamer.

Once the letters were written the students got straight to work, making each individual craft by hand. 

A lot of effort went into making each craft by hand and making sure they were all the same. However, Creamer said there was also a huge upside to making the crafts. 

“Personally I thought it was a ton of fun making the crafts and I found it quite relaxing too,” said Creamer. 

Alexis Olson thought it was very hard having to make each one by hand because she had to make each one the exact same so the children couldn’t say it isn’t fair. 

The yearly tradition of Santa letter leadership puts on was a little different this year due to new precautions the class had to take. 

Instead of writing a personal letter to each student assigned, instead, Leadership students took on the role of an elf and wrote to the whole class. With this new directive, a lot more creativity was incorporated into each letter and included more details and magic if you will. Olson had fun but also thought it was hard to complete. 

“Yes it was hard to create a creative letter because you had to make it what it would sound like from an elf’s or Santa helpers perspective,” said Olson. “I think one of the hardest parts of the letter was trying to keep the Christmas magic in the letter for the little kids.”

Overall, all the Leadership students worked very hard to find a way to deliver Christmas magic through a craft and letter. 

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