Leadership prepares for Winterfest

By Jennae Johnson Posted January 21, 2010

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

This month in Leadership we are very busy with many things. We are preparing for Winterfest which is February 1-6. I took the time to interview three people from three different committees.

The committees are Advertising, Lunchtime, and the Faculty Project committee. On the advertising committee, I interviewed Anna Gutierrez. I asked what she was doing on the committee.

She said, “We are working on our Bingo Posters. We are working on our posters for each dress-up of Winterfest.”

I also interviewed Sarah Gillespie from the Lunchtime Activity Committee.

“We are planning games for lunchtime activities for Lowry students to participate in,” Sarah said.

Then I interviewed Whitney Waller from the Faculty Project Committee.

She said, “We are doing a matching game. You have to match the teacher to their favorite Disney Character.”

We are very busy but very excited and hopefully will have a fun and unique Winterfest.”

That is what some of the committees are doing in Leadership this month. We are very busy, but are very excited and hope that Winterfest will be great. There are lots of activities that are going on throughout the week and we hope that all Lowry students consider coming to participate in all of them.

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