Leadership prepares for Winterfest

By Skylar Estes Posted February 2, 2009

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

The month of January seems to be a relaxation month for Lowry’s leadership class but it is just an illusion. Each student is trying to recuperate from the intense month of December’s activities. They are massaging out the cramps from writing letters from elves and peeling glue off their hands from making Sonoma’s Santa Shop bags. Just as soon as they think they are out of the woods from the stress of December, they are hit with another huge project: Winterfest.

Winterfest is a less hectic, but just as important, homecoming. In mid-January, the students are set up in committees to fulfill tasks and activities so the week moves smoothly. This is so that each student has time to fulfill their tasks before the week starts. When Lacy Villarreal was asked how she feels about the Winterfest activities that will start on February 2 through February 6, she states with a strain in her voice, “Stressed out!” Each student wants the week to run smoothly and make sure it is fun for every Lowry student. Winterfest is one of the main focuses of the Leadership class but there is also more that they had to take care of in the month of January.

The second task they had to complete was a presentation to inform the Lowry students of the upcoming elections. Because in past years the turn out for people running for office has been low, this year the Leadership teachers decided to make each person in the class go to an advisory class and educate the students about the elections. These presentations told the students which positions were open and that becoming an officer does not just count on the popular vote, but is also determined by interviews and teacher evaluations. This was told to the students to prove that anyone can run whether they believe they are popular or not.

With each of these tasks, the students in Lowy’s Leadership had quite a bit to do. They are hardworking individuals who start early on projects that are still a month away so that each student in Lowry will be able to enjoy these activities. The saying “There is no rest for the wicked,” portrays the life in Leadership to the letter. It is hard, tiring, sometimes stressful work but in the end, everybody is able to enjoy and have fun as the result of all of that hard work. Keep it up Lowry Leadership!

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