LHS Drama presents ‘The Suessodyssey’

By Dain Maher Posted December 12, 2013

At the end of last year, after all, had been said and done. All plays were complete and the year was coming to a close, Mrs. Corrine James posed the question to the class as to whether or not we would be willing to do another play besides the two major ones we already did. We happily agreed and looked forward to the challenge presented of putting on another major production in between two massive productions.

We agreed as a class to perform the “Suessodyssey”, a Dr. Suess take on the Odyssey over performing a more Christmas-oriented play dabbling in “A Christmas Carol” type of environment. We began preparing almost immediately after “Dracula” only to put the play on in full production six weeks later.

We did 12 performances altogether. Each performance became better as the week went on after a rocky start on opening night. We went on to perform at our best around the 8th or 9th performance with everybody working their hardest to put in the best possible production. The play went off without a hitch the entire week and all thanks belong to our two directors, Mrs. James and Ms. Mia Ross.

(Insert Quote) With all performances done, we have completed casting and have now begun to work on the biggest production of the school year; the children’s play. We will be performing “Pinocchio” this year and are very excited to share this new chapter of LHS Drama and look forward to seeing all of you in the spring.