Limit website blocking

Limit website blocking

By Weston Irons Posted December 12, 2012

There are several classes that Lowry has to offer that use computers as part of the class.

With access to computers in these classes, students can look up information for assignments, projects, etc., type essays, and finish work efficiently and with ease. The computer is a very vital and helpful tool. However, there are restrictions on websites you can visit, some of which aren’t necessary.

I don’t have a problem with most of the websites being blocked, but there are a few exceptions. The school system wants to make sure everything we look up is appropriate and that students aren’t wasting their time when they should be doing work which is fine. But the control should be limited. On a few occasions, I haven’t been able to visit pages such as or Wikipedia just because some of the pages have links to social networking sites. This makes it a lot more difficult to research. Another problem that I’ve run into is you are unable to view news stories because of “prohibited video content”. Some of these websites include Yahoo and CNN. These examples are a couple of many.

I can understand where the school is coming from but it makes many students frustrated including myself when I can’t visit a website for pointless reasons. Students who don’t have the internet or a computer at home have it even more hard when they have to rely on a computer that might not even be able to access the information they seek. It would be much easier on the student body if they could enter these websites that contain the knowledge they need. So why not limit these restrictions holding us back?