Everyone should vote

Everyone should vote

By Jessie Schirrick Posted December 12, 2012

Teens and young adults these days seem to be getting less and less informed on the political news of America. Only 50% of eligible young voters showed up to the polls for the 2012 Presidential Election. Many defend themselves by saying “I am too busy,” or “my vote doesn’t count.” What they don’t realize is that the massive lack of political knowledge can affect the election and America in a big way.

The main reason non-voters don’t vote is because they think their opinion won’t make a difference, but the reality is that only half of eligible voters in America vote. If the other half would, the results would be very different.

Another common excuse used by non-voters is that they have more important obligations that occupy their time and they are too busy. Voting is the future of Americans, and America should always be a number one priority for everybody. It’s not that hard to carve a few minutes out of our everyday lives to get out to the polls.

Any minors who are too young to vote should start getting informed about politics if they aren’t already. It’s a good habit to make and keep so that when they are finally allowed to vote, they know a lot about political history and background.

We as Americans are so lucky to have this privilege when there are so many other countries out there that do not have their freedom and do not have a voice. It’s important that we take advantage of this opportunity while it’s available to us.