What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher?

By Lainey Novacek

Teachers are a fundamental part of the school system; without teachers, schools would not exist. As a sophomore in high school, I have had my fair share of what I consider good and bad teachers. Some teachers have helped me grow while others have stunted my desire to learn.

All the teachers I have had that caused me to grow believed in my ability and made it known. A teacher cheering you on and truly caring about your growth makes a good teacher. Teachers should feel passionate about what they teach; a boring teacher causes a boring class and bad students. This also connects to teachers that push you to be better. When a teacher never tries to make you better, you never grow.

The teachers that I have had that stunted me did not cheer me on. While they were not necessarily being rude, they never showed any passion for what they were teaching. This caused me also to lose interest in the classes, and I stopped caring about the lessons; I fell behind as a result.

Teachers who also overwork their students cause bad students. When a teacher never gives their students free time for after-school activities, they not only diminish their desire to learn but also destroy their mental health.

On the other hand, the students play a huge role in their own learning experience. If a student chooses to not participate in class or do their assignments, they are preventing their growth, but the teacher should be able to help these people out and get them to enjoy learning. While this may be difficult for some students, it does not mean a teacher should just “give up” on their students who do not wish to learn.
A good teacher should be able to balance a student’s life with their school life, have a passion for the subject they teach, and cheer on their students when they do a good job on assignments or tests. When a teacher demonstrates all these qualities, they are characterized as a good teacher in my mind.