Jacob Smalley shows his dedication and growth in CTE

Jacob Smalley shows his dedication and growth in CTE

By Adisson Baker Posted February 16, 2024

Jacob Smalley is an active and dedicated student in Mr. Scott Santos’ classroom.

“He signed up to participate on the fourth competition robotics team,” said Santos. ”He had very minimal knowledge of the systems and that can be intimidating.”

Smalley is always willing to try new things and gain experience from them,

“I joined Robotics to try something new and expand my knowledge,” said Smalley.

Santos has noticed the effort that Smalley puts into his class day after day, Smalley is determined to improve on whatever he can.

”He has put a lot of effort into developing his 3D model skills,” said Santos.

Smalley has gained important skills through CTE that will be beneficial in his future.

”He is learning skills that are currently in high demand in the industry today,” said Santos.

Smalley is prepared for his future and possible career choices.

“I’ve been thinking about going into engineering,” said Smalley. ”Maybe some field of science.”.

Joining The Robotics Club and staying focused on CTE is helping him gain the experience and knowledge he needs to succeed.