Lowry drops needed win

By Rachelle Dennis Posted February 7, 2009

Lowry’s varsity boys basketball team played against Dayton on Friday, February 6. This was a crucial game for Lowry; a win would rank them first in their region.

Coach Lee Bosch stated, “All the boys worried about were Winterfest, girls, skits and singing. They were not into basketball and unfortunately all 13 players were affected.”

“The only positive about the whole game was near the end of the fourth quarter when we got it to where we were down by five but due to mental lapses we couldn’t close the gap,” Bosch explained.

Lowry’s leading scorers were Freddy Bernabe, 12, Danny Westfall, 10, Collin Messerly and Andrew Stephens had five each. 

“We played horrible. We have no one thing to blame but ourselves,” concluded Zeb Teichert and Collin Messerly.

The Bucks are going to be working on intensity and their focus in practice this week. They will also be practicing shot selection.

Gus Ramasco explained, “During the whole game we were unfocused and that caused a bunch of mistakes that we normally do not make. We are taking practice more seriously now.”

The Bucks lost 45-55. Hopefully, the team can get back on track and beat Truckee on Friday the 13th.

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