Lowry flags stolen and defaced

Lowry flags stolen and defaced

By Mary Granath Posted November 4, 2009

Approximately three weeks ago the two flags that fly outside Lowry high school were stolen.

Since then the American flag was recovered with substantial damage. However, the Nevada flag is still missing. School administrators and Officer Jeff Dawson are still investigating why this act was committed.

There are a few suspects however none of them have been confirmed. Vice Principal Welter stated that he could tell it was “someone that’s angry against authority, against the U.S….” because of the harm done to the flag which included destroyed edges and profane graffiti.

Welter does not believe this to be a random act because of the time taken to deface the flag. It was evident that whoever caused the damage took his or her time in doing so. Each star on the flag was meticulously colored in as were the words written on the flag.

The damage that occurred will cost around $350 dollars said Welter. Combined, the flags will cost around $150 dollars and the ropes that held up both flags, which were cut, will cost $200 dollars.

If someone is apprehended who had anything to do with mutilating and stealing the flags they will face “criminal charges and discipline from the school” said Welter. There is a reward offered for any information about the crime. Anyone with information should see an administrator or Officer Dawson.

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