Lowry leadership holds holiday food drive

Lowry leadership holds holiday food drive

By Justin Albright Posted December 14, 2011

From November 29 thru December 16, Lowry’s leadership class hosted its annual Christmas food drive. Leadership asked the students to only bring in non-perishable food items and are very pleased with the results.

The competition took place between first-hour classes and a reward for collecting the most food items would be a pizza party.

Mrs. Tanya Grady, who is in charge of the food drive, said, “I’m very pleased with the food drive so far, we’ve collected around 500 cans so far and we still have a week to go.”

Mrs. James’ first-hour class is completely dominating so far, raking in a total of 213 cans. Second place is Mr. Setzer’s class, bringing in a total of 91 cans. Third place is Mrs. Killion’s class, who has a total of 69 cans. No other class has over 60 cans.

“As always, the food is going to the Ministerial Association, which is a group made up of different representatives of the local churches and they’ll put together food baskets,” said Grady.

Leadership encourages everyone to continue bringing in items. The food drive will conclude Friday, December 16.