Lowry Song Dedications

Lowry Song Dedications

By Taylor LaTray  Posted December 14, 2011

Express your feelings, make a joke, have a connection, deliver a tribute, or just plain do it for fun. Dedications to you from them with meaning.

Nicholas Lujan “Me and You” Taylor LaTray

Maeve Donovan “Thunder” Tanner Lecumberry

Shaynee Monchamp “Perfect Two” Tytus Millikan

Harley Long “Party in the U.S.A.” Madison Waldie

Matt Jones “Are You Gunna Kiss Me or Not” Rachel Sigurdson

Madison Waldie “You Are My Sunshine” Jancy Ulch

Amaya Davis “My first Kiss” Carly Bell

Kirk Berentsen “We like Sportz” Jacob Aitken

Jacob Aitken “Fifteen” Carly Bell and Kirk Berentsen

Taylor LaTray “I Cross My Heart””She’s Everything” Nick Lujan

Melanie Vance “Waiting For the End” Justin Albright

Talya Furr “Paradise” Carissa Lininger

Carly Bell “Your Guardian Angel” Jacob Aitken

Candace Comeau “You’re Beautiful” Candace Comeau

Heather Steinhauer “Diva” Harley Long

Harley Long “Bye Bye Bye” Justin Albright

Tmilli “Dhead”

Jesse Schirrick “Nothings Gonna stop us” Waldinator

Eric Brooks “Say G&E” Alec Mayo

Alec Mayo “Say G&E” Eric Brooks

Chalene Quinn “Another day” Eric Brooks

Wyatt Lester “I’m Sexy and I Know It” Troy Hardy

Tessa Kampf “Redneck Woman” Alex Schirrick

Rachael Foster “If My Heart was A House” Jessie Schirrick

Calvin Connors “Stereo Love” Joseba Criswell

Morgan James “Don’t ya” Shaynee Monchamp

Laren K. “Blah Blah Blah” Morgan James

Alex Nimmick “Party in the USA” Michal Arenas

Calvin Connors “Baby” Michal Arenas

Charlee Ricker “Do You Wanna Date my Avatar” Hailey Samms

Chalene Quinn “Tonight Tonight” Melanie Vance

Teesha Nielson “Stutter” Melanie Vance

Angie Herrera “Kleenex” Brandon Eastman

Betsy Guerrero “I Love Rock n’ Roll” Angie Herrera

Madison Waldie “You got a Friend” Harley Long

Taylor LaTray “Hips don’t Lie” Casey Vanderveen

Katie Dixon “Smile Back” Lexi Sutfin

Lowry High “I’m hopelessly devoted to you” Mrs.Ludlow

Makkenna Lloyd “Eres” Oscar Rodriguez

Jenna Adams “Hummingbird” Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey “ Party Rock Anthem” Darrell Cardin

Ashley Lombardi “The Cousin Song” Damon Miller

Raven Black “She’s so High” Arianna Grantham

All you Women “Find your Love” Erik Francis

Jancy Ulch “Lean on Me” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”Madison Waldie

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