Lowry students play in Honor Band

Lowry students play in Honor Band

By Tanner Ames, Posted January 20, 2014

On January 14 and 15, many of Lowry’s great percussion and band members went to Elko to play in the honor band. Honor band is the coming together of band members from all around Northern Nevada to practice music, and perform in a concert.

These students practiced a long six hours per day, with only a couple of breaks in between. With minimal practice with this music beforehand, they struggled, but in the end, had a great time. Many were in pain from the intense lengths of time that they had to practice.

“The long hours of practice were worth it,” said clarinetist Paige Fretwell. “However, at one point, my gums started bleeding from the pressure of the clarinet.”
Clarinets weren’t the only ones who had troubles.

The director was unknown to many of the Lowry students, but after a short time, the students took a liking to him.

“The director, John Miller, really had a good way of helping us understand, plus he had a pretty good sense of humor,” said Fretwell.

Although there was pain and discomfort, it resulted in a very enjoyable concert. Though the songs were long and tricky, the honor band played through it all.