Lowry welcomes new staff members

By Leadership Posted September 25, 2009

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

The Job of being a teacher at Lowry High School may at times be a difficult and daunting task. However, it is a very rewarding career.

Lowry High School has three new staff members that have stepped up to make a commitment to higher education; to educate the future of America. Mrs. Miranda Santos, Mr. Corey Coles, and Mr. Brian Nickisch have committed themselves to Lowry High School. Their first year at the high school is sure to be a great year!

Mrs. Santos is in the English department teaching English 1 and 2. She was recently teaching at Winnemucca Jr. High School during the 2008-2009 school year. She also helps coach the Lowry volleyball teams.

Mr. Coles is in the Ag department. He teaches welding and is helping with FFA (Future Farmers of America) this school year.

Mr. Nickish is in the science department. He teaches Chemistry 1 and 2 and an Intro to Physics class.

As you can see we have got some wonderful teachers who are here at Lowry, and we just added some more to our team. We know that this will be an amazing school year for everyone!

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