Lowry’s newest student, Rolfe Anaki

Lowry’s newest student, Rolfe Anaki

By Brandon Eastman Posted April 18, 2012

These past few weeks you may have found yourself saying, “Who is this new kid in school?”

Well, the new face in the halls is none other than Rolfe Anaki. He is from the Bahamas where he lived for 15 years. He moved to Winnemucca last month with his girlfriend, Jessica. His family stayed in the Bahamas, but Rolfe was looking for something to spice up his life and felt that Winnemucca was the perfect place for him.

Some of Anaki’s hobbies include catching and raising rats. He likes to make homes for them and feed them and nurture them.

He said, “It’s very relaxing. It’s kind of like having your own little family… of rats.”

He also loves to sew and knit sweaters for his rats. According to Anaki, they are practically his children.

Other than his rat hobby, Anaki likes to take long walks on the beach and listen to opera music.

Anaki says he likes Winnemucca because there are a lot of cowgirls and he wants them to teach him how to ride a donkey. He is a very smart kid also. Anaki gets straight A’s and said all the teachers love him.

Rolfe plans on graduating from Lowry and taking a year off to dabble in his very own opera singing, and if that doesn’t work out he wants to continue his education at Harvard University, where he would like to receive a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science so that he may give back to the rat community.

Anaki said, “I would like to open up a Veterinary Clinic back in the Bahamas where I could be with both of my families… the rats and the humans.”

NOTE: Rolfe does not exist.