‘Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family’

By Omar Guerrero Posted March 01, 2013

MTV has recently put out a new TV show starring Mac Miller and his crew. The show is about a twenty-one-year-old uprising rapper enjoying life to its fullest and having a blast with his friends. This is the first season of the highly anticipated reality TV show and, if all is well with fan base, there will be more seasons to come.

If you don’t already know who Mac Miller is, he is a young talented rapper who dreamed as a little kid of becoming famous in music. His biggest hit single “Donald Trump” was what really made people look at him as one of the best in the game. His album “Blue Slide Park” also was a big hit.

“Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” is on every Tuesday on MTV2. People knew Mac Miller lives a crazy life and now people get a front-row seat to exactly how crazy it is.